Case Latches

  • Item Type: Case Latches
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Finish: Chrome plated
  • Bearing Capacity:20Kg
  • Certificate:ISO9001:2008
  • Package: 50 pcs/Carton
  • Process: Stamping, deep drawing,bending, punching, laster cutting,threading, welding, tapping, riveting, grinding
  • Inspection: IQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
  • Application:Flight case, guitar case, briefcase, military box, Ships, transport equipment, farm equipment.

Your Professional Case Latches Manufacturer

Choosing the most effective safety and security solutions is a tough task. Life and important belongings are at stake. Good thing, there are plenty of latches that the market is offering to everyone. Different types, sizes, and brand give buyers access to the better choice that will definitely fit their requirements.
Latches are hugely intended for keeping belongings safe and secure. Whether it is for small or huge items, there is a corresponding latch that will satisfy the user. So, the users must determine their needs so that they will be able to choose the perfect type for them.


For residential purposes, there is a particular latch to provide effective performance, the same way with commercial establishments. But, how about latches for the case?

Case Latches are also known as briefcase latches. Many users of a road case, wood case, flight case, electric cabinet, DJ case, and musical case rely on the safety of their belongings to case latches. This is because Case Latches is perfected to provide safety and smart use. They are manufactured from different materials such as 201 and 304 stainless steel. Other buyers can choose from a variety of finishes like zinc plated, nickel plated and chrome plated.
From smallest up to the smallest type of cases, there is a wide variety of Case Latches that will suit one’s needs. If keeping things safe and secure, there is no wrong investing to Case Latches.


How case latch works


A Case Latch generally works with the help of hardware called the keeper that is being engaged into the mounting surface. This a type of fastener that joins two or more surfaces while allowing them for regular separation. Also, their locking mechanism is undeniably outstanding where it secures things within.
Essential Features of a Case Latch

Since Case Latches come with different sizes, design, the material used and finishes, they still share similar benefits. Below is the list of the amazing benefits of using Case Latches.

Complementing Styles. There are plenty of styles to choose from that can suit one’s unique needs. Each type of case has its perfect latch partner. So, the user will be able to use it most effectively and completely enjoy its offered features.

Countless Sizes. First-time buyers have nothing to worry about the available sizes since there are countless sizes for Case Latches. By simply determining the exact size of the case, confusion and wrong choice can be avoided.

Corrosion-resistant Properties. If the buyers prefer a stainless steel material for Case Latches, they can expect for corrosion resistance. A stainless steel material contains chromium. As a result, the Case Latch becomes tougher and free from possible damages.

Highest-grade Materials. If there are any discovered damages, materials like chromium oxide film can heal itself where even a small amount of oxygen is provided. So, buyers can rely on the long service life that a Case Latch offers.

Flawless Look. Case Latches made possible to put together efficacy of use and appealing look. Various Case Latches simply offer a flawless look while keeping belongings safe within.

Quality Finish. Best quality Case Latches comes with an outstanding finish. Thus, they are characterized by well-polished texture in the surface.

Withstands Change of Temperature. A good quality stainless can survive into changing temperature. After long-term use, it is expected that they can still effectively operate and remain functional and aesthetically appealing.

Tough Built. Most of the Case Latches found in the market are known to be valuable for money. They tough built characteristics providing maximum protection and safety even with different and heavy stuff are placed inside the briefcase.

Bumps and Protection. For guitar case latches, buyers can take advantage of products that can provide protection against bumps or bangs. These latches provide thick and durable and thick materials, neck support, padding and more.

Cost-Effective. Best quality Case Latches become more cost-effective over time. This is because the users do not need to purchase for new latches since they can withstand the test of time.


Other Notable Features of Case Latch
Buying a Case Latches is one of the smartest investing a briefcase user can do. It is equipped with plenty of features.

Complements User’s Lifestyle
Flexible Style
Consistent Surface Texture
Attractive Look
Compatibility to Case Materials and Designs


Where to Use Case Latch


Many people are very particular in the safety of the things they are carrying most especially if they are on a trip find it practical to purchase a Case Latch. This helps them carry things without worrying about safety.

Most of the Case Latches provide amazing features that favor the user’s needs. Whether it is for flight case, guitar case, wood case, tool case or even for larger containers, there is a perfect Case Latches that can keep the important belongings safe all the time.

Regardless of the size of the cases, the market can offer various types and designs of latches that can make the life of much more convenient. Commercial establishments are becoming more aware of the benefits they can get by installing Case Latches. Using these accessories, their important documents are provided with security and are becoming easy to transport.


What is the best case latch


With the help of Roche Case Latches, acquiring the best quality and dependable latches becomes easier. These Case Latches are well-known to provide complete features that a product is expected to have. With a wide array of designs, materials, designs, and finishes, you will able to find the perfect match for your briefcase.

Roche Case Latches provide the ultimate solution in keeping the different type of cases safer and user-friendly. Designs of the Roche Case Latches do not create an awkward look, but instead, it is ideal for comfort. Whenever you are on a long hour trip, you are sure that your stuff is secure and still in place.
Worried about the safety of your briefcase? Call Roche Case Latches customer hotline, and you will be provided with best solutions and deals.  Contact Roche now.

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